How much should you tip the pizza delivery guy?


    Anyone who has ordered food and pizza for delivery has wondered how much tip to be given to the delivery person. Though it isn’t compulsory to tip, not giving a tip for person can be considered as little rude. If you do not wish to leave a tip, it’s better to opt for pickup instead.

    You have ordered pizza from your favorite outlet and next comes the tough part determining how much to tip the person delivering your pizza. Everybody has personal rules for leaving a tip and there are some dos and don’ts about delivery fee that can act as delivery tip.

    Pizza delivery tip calculator

    You can offer $5 tip i.e. 10% of the bill, at any circumstances. If you are ordering large quantities of pizza, (for example 15 pizzas for some party), tipping $5 seem very low, instead give $20 (or 15% of the bill, excluding tax).   This calculator lets you to precisely gauge how much you should tip the person. Bear in mind that most delivery persons have to cover bike or gas expenses and a bigger tip may get you a faster service.

    If your bill comes to a maximum of $20, tipping $3 is also okay. Whether you give 15 or 20% of the bill, the quality of the service will totally depend on your tipping fees. But, if you do not receive great service, you can choose not to tip.  Depending on the condition of weather (too cold or rainy) and the distance they travelled in, you can offer a bigger tip, as the sign of appreciation.  In short, if the timeliness, politeness, and service provided by your delivery guy impresses you, then you can offer larger amount.

    Here is the suggested tip for the pizza delivery person:

    • $3 for smaller or under $20 orders
    • 10% or below for mediocre service
    • 15% for larger orders
    • 20%+ for amazing service

    Frequently asked questions

    Should I tip, even there is a delivery charge? You need to check if the delivery charge goes to restaurant or driver himself. In case it goes to driver, you need not pay or else it’s suggested to tip.

    How about driver arriving late? If the delivery person is late by more than 15 minutes, you can call the outlet for arrival time. If the order is late by half an hour or food is too cold, you may reduce the tip by 5%.

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