Sundarban, a place of Tourist Attraction


Sundarban, the finest mangrove region on the planet, attracts numerous vacationers because of its treasures and innate natural splendor. It are available in the southeast corner of Bangladesh. Your mind will most likely be refreshed by world-famous Royal Bengal tigers, beautiful spotted deer, 120 different striper, a lot of wild wild wild birds, 50 types of reptiles, eight types of amphibians and considering the variety of living creatures. The name Sundarban comes from the term “Sundory trees” that are found in large figures in Sundarban. UNESCO declared Sundarban as being a World Heritage Site in 1997.

If you want to go to this forest, you’ll need permission inside the forest department in Khulna. You need to take cholera vaccine, anti-malaria vaccine, insect repellent cream, an initial aid box and tropical dress as security gears.

There are lots of tourist spots the vacationers will like greatly. These spots are the following:


If you’re a bird-lover, you have to visit Katka indicate watch several types of wild wild wild birds from 40 ft high wooden bird-watching tower. Besides you can see wild creatures like Royal Bengal tigers, deer, apes and owls. There’s in addition a beautiful ocean beach to experience a lot.


It is a beautiful small island within southeast Sundarban. You’ll be able to for fishing. You can achieve Dublar Char by launch or speed boat. It’s also well-famous for Rash Meal and holy bath, a Hindu festival happening for latter centuries. This ritual could be a highly enchanting and exciting event for the vacationers.

Heron Point:

It is a beautiful place we all know of for spotted deer, Royal Bengal tigers and rare wild creatures. The scenic great factor about nature of Heron point attracts the vacationers greatly. It’s also significant for deer, apes, wild wild wild birds and crocodiles.


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