Travel Safety Tips For A Solo Traveler


Solo traveling can be fun and altogether a daunting experience. Traveling alone for the first time? Here is the travel safety guide we have for all solo travelers.

Research – Before planning any trip, research about the place in advance. Talk to someone who has visited the same place in the past and read articles online.

Plan In Advance – Right from stay to travel bookings, book everything in advance. For cheap flights, make your bookings earlier, search in incognito mode and compare the fares for different airlines. Do a lot of research before making any travel bookings. Planning in advance can save you a lot of time and money. For your train bookings, keep a check on the pnr status, check if any cancellation is made. Make a rough itinerary of your trip.

Buy Travel Insurance – To ensure your travel journey is safe, buy travel insurance. It will provide you 24*7 customer support throughout your journey and in any emergency. Today there are a lot of companies that provide different travel insurance plans covering different policies. Read all the terms and conditions carefully before buying one.

Trust Your Instincts – If you think something is wrong trust your instincts and act accordingly.

Travel Maps – Carry travel maps with you everywhere for directions so that you don’t get lost anywhere. Also, circle out the places on the map you want to cover during your travel. Don’t move around with the lost look on your face. Instead, reach out to the local shops and ask for directions.

AccommodationBook hotel room, villa or you designated stay in advance and remember to check the reviews and recommendations online while booking. Avoid outskirts and prefer to book your hotel which is in the main location of the city. You can also book your stay at hostels, shared accommodation. It can save you a lot of money and at the same time, you can get the chance to connect with new people and make new friends.

Meet Locals – Talk to locals while exploring the places. They can guide you better and can be more reliable than the tour guides.

Pack Light – Don’t carry those heavy bags that you can’t carry with ease as you will be on your own the whole trip. Pack your bags light and keep some essentials like medicines and snacks. Also, carry a xerox of all the important documents like passports, pan card etc with you.

Emergency Contacts  – Keep a list of emergency contacts handy with you. You can also share your live location with your close friends and family.

Local Language – Learn some basics of a local language if you are traveling to a new country or city.

Avoid Dark/Shady Areas – As you will be all alone, avoid going to the shady places. Prefer to roam around in the open and crowded areas.

Traveling alone can give you a whole new enriching experience. However, the woes of safety will worry you everywhere you will go. Don’t be afraid to travel alone. A little preparation in advance can help you to deal with the rough spots.


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